Gaining cross-functional expertise that leads to development of life-changing medicines


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The Process Development Rotational Program (PDRP) provides recent graduates with a unique opportunity to gain hands-on exposure to the entire manufacturing process, from the initial discovery phase to final packaging, with the ultimate aim of producing life-saving medicines for patients.

Through PDRP, participants not only develop their technical expertise in process development but also cultivate a strong professional network across the organization. The program focuses on developing cross-functional skills and knowledge in areas such as cell culture and fermentation development, purification development, analytical development, protein characterization, formulation development, device development, pilot plant production, and digital transformation.

Participants are assigned challenging technical projects that support the development of protein therapeutics, providing valuable experience and skills that are highly sought after in the industry. By participating in PDRP, graduates can launch a successful career in the biopharmaceutical industry and make a significant contribution to the development of life-changing medicines.

Examples of Work

PDPR participants develop cross-functional technical expertise in Pharmaceutical Technical Development (PTD), an area that develops and supports manufacturing processes, formulations, delivery devices, analytical methods, packaging solutions and materials to meet end-to-end (discovery to commercialization) development needs of Genentech's protein pharmaceutical pipeline.


Listen to what our alumni and current candidates have to say about PDRP
“The PDRP is like a buffet of experiences that help you gain a better understanding of which area of work truly aligns with your interests, while making a meaningful impact."
Delina Meharenna
Technical Development Scientist