Comprehensive journey of drug development life cycle 


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The Portfolio Rotation Program (PRP) is a comprehensive two-year program designed to provide associates with exposure to four different functions through four 6-month rotations. The program is divided into three organizations: Genentech Research and Early Development, Pharma Development, and Commercial, Medical & Government Affairs. Throughout the program, associates will work closely with global teams to gain experience in program management, portfolio management, and strategic analytics and insights, with a focus on late-stage drug development orchestration.

In the final rotation, participants will have the opportunity to apply for open positions at Genentech to advance their career goals. This unique program offers associates the chance to gain a wide range of skills and experience across different functions while working with a diverse group of colleagues.
Examples of Work

PRP participants will be embedded in teams advancing potential medicines across the drug development life cycle (early preclinical development, Phase 1 to 3 clinical trials, and after commercial launch). 

Participants help to enable smarter and more efficient Roche-wide decision-making within Commercial, Medical, and Government Affairs. They also will help to enable field teams with analytics, insights, incentives, and tools.


Listen to what our alumni and current candidates have to say about PRP
“What I love about my team is that it's very dynamic and we get to work on diverse projects all the time. We build narratives around data to influence decision-making and implement strategy with the goal of optimizing the success of our portfolio and delivering therapies to patients.”
Danelle Weakland
PRP Alumni
Manager, gRED Portfolio Strategy & Planning

“Every team throughout my rotations has been incredibly diverse across multiple dimensions such as race, education, and professional experiences. This level of diversity fosters a genuine environment of psychological safety, allowing me and my colleagues to be our authentic selves while at the same time encouraging a robust exchange of ideas - giving us all the energy and spark to innovate for our patients.”

Jewison Biscocho
PRP Alumni
​​​​​​​Manager, gRED Portfolio Strategy & Planning
“What makes me most proud about this role is the ability to effectively coordinate and lead cross-functional teams. This role requires strong organizational skills, clear communication, and the ability to motivate and inspire team members. Being able to bring different people together, align their efforts towards a common goal, and facilitate collaboration is a fulfilling experience. Witnessing the team's progress, seeing the individual contributions come together, and achieving project milestones brings a sense of pride and accomplishment.”
Jessica Caballero-Feliciano
PRP Alumni, Project Manager in gRED