We partner with select universities to train future pharmacists and scientific leaders

At Genentech, PharmD Fellows have the opportunity to elevate their knowledge and skills alongside bold changemakers looking to improve all patients’ health and quality of life. Gain in-depth experience in a dynamic environment that encourages diversity of background, thought and experience. 

We have robust 2-year PharmD Fellowships in partnership with Howard University, Rutgers University, University of the Pacific, University of California, San Francisco, and University of Washington. Visit our university partner websites to learn more about PharmD Fellowship application timelines, requirements, and open roles.

Program Overview

Fine-tune your skillset, gain experience in a corporate setting, network, and help impact the lives of patients.

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Current & Alumni Testimonials - What makes our Fellowship distinct?
"Being a part of the Rutgers/Genentech Fellowship has been instrumental to my growth and development in the pharmaceutical industry. This Fellowship has given me numerous opportunities to accelerate my understanding of the industry, functional area, therapeutic areas, and career paths all while learning within a supportive environment and mentors to lean on."
Isabelle Tharp, PharmD, RPh
Rutgers PharmD 2022-2024 Fellowship
Medical Science Director, USMA Oncology Medical Network at Genentech

"I chose Genentech because of its stellar pipeline and inclusivity research in the biotechnology field. In addition, it's ability to give patients a voice that matters. I'm excited to develop into my new role as a Clinical Pharmacology Fellow and looking forward to being in a collaborative, innovative, and close-knit learning environment."

Jennifer Nwosu, PharmD, RPh
Howard PharmD 2023-2025 Fellowship
"Understanding the day-to-day activities that patients undergo for clinical trials have been invaluable for both my growth as a scientist and a human being. The Fellowship unequivocally emphasized the reason why I work in clinical drug development - for the patients."
David Chen, PharmD
UCSF 2018-2020 Fellowship
Senior Clinical Scientist, Tumor Agnostic Development at Genentech 
"The UoP Fellowship in early clinical development in the OMNI group allowed me to experience firsthand the Genentech principle to be "driven by the science." The kind and inclusive culture at Genentech made for a comfortable space to ask (even silly) questions as a newcomer."
 Nicole Kim, PharmD
University of the Pacific 2018-2020 Fellowship
Senior Clinical Scientist, Oncology at Genentech 
"One of the most valuable aspects of the Fellowship was the opportunity to work on multiple teams and learn from several mentors. In addition, I gained functional expertise and worked on a variety of teams across different institutional settings which helped to build strong leadership, communication, and resilience that translates to many roles."
Vivian Chan, PharmD, RPh
UCSF Preceptor 2023-2025
Alum of UCSF PharmD Fellowship 2021-2023
Senior Safety Scientist at Genentech


Gain deeper insights into Fellow projects by hearing from their Preceptors
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Patrick Schleck
Rutgers Preceptor 2023-2025 
Alum of Rutgers PharmD Fellowship 2009-2011
Current role: Global Head Partnering Oncology and Cancer Immunotherapy at Genentech

Inside Pharma Partnering 

In the Fellowship, the Pharma Partnering Fellow leads activities to help Partnering prepare for scientific and partnering conferences by searching and reviewing new data being published from potential biotech partners to look for new partnering opportunities.

Exposure to Pharma Partnering 

As part of a Pharma Partnering Fellowship, we create a competency development plan that helps expose the Fellow to different aspects of business development across WANT (BD priorities), FIND (search, identification, and triage) and GET (Diligence and Negotiation). As a Fellow progresses through their two year Fellowship, we progressively look for Fellows to experience and lead projects that give exposure to each of the three stages of business development.   
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Naziah Lasi-Tejani
Howard Preceptor 2023-2025
Current role: Global Patient Partnership Group Leader at Genentech

Patient Insight Generation & Data Collection

We collect and synthesize patient insights data in various disease areas to advance the organization's commitment to integrating direct patient feedback. We also provide an understanding of patients' needs, as well as expectations into our core business decisions.

Patient-Led Innovation Pilot

We manage and refine the process by which Roche engages with digitally-savvy patient community stakeholders, as part of a co-creation platform, to shape the digital and integrated health solutions the company is developing to improve patient experience.

Our Fellow has shaped how patients engage with our PLI platform, what that experience could be for the patients and caregivers from a digital perspective, and how Roche teams can structure their engagements to get actionable insights to shape their projects.