As a Senior Informatics Analyst, Lala translates complex scientific data into strategies that enable researchers to create new treatments for patients. 

Growing up in Botswana, Lala saw firsthand the consequences of a lack of diversity in scientific research. As a result, cultures such as her own were not benefitting from medical innovations or receiving high-quality health care. Inspired by these experiences, Lala developed a deep personal connection to this challenge and discovered her chosen career path in the biotech industry where she contributes to the pursuit of personalized medicine. She feels a deep sense of belonging at Genentech and, after leaving to pursue another opportunity, returned for the company’s mission and focus on health equity. 

As an informatics analyst, Lala plays a crucial role in translating complex scientific data into strategies, making it accessible and understandable for further analysis and decision-making in the field of Computational Sciences. Her expertise enables scientific researchers to effectively utilize the data and make meaningful breakthroughs in medical advancements for the betterment of patients. Shaped by her unique perspective, Lala is also committed to helping improve representation in clinical trials. By championing inclusive research that reflects the rich diversity of all communities, Lala is accelerating science to improve the health of people everywhere.

As a principal software engineer, Jon explores unstructured data to help build new systems for scientists to better the lives of patients.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Jon had more time to dedicate to his hobbies, including music. Every Tuesday, he joined a local jazz bassist to play an impromptu concert for neighbors, jamming to their favorite tunes.

He's equally passionate about the intersection of science and software development. With a doctoral degree in chemistry, he started his career in computational genomics but found his way back to chemistry and drug discovery. He’s energized by the exploration of unstructured data to help build new systems for scientists to better the lives of patients. After working at several start-ups, Jon was drawn to Genentech for its inclusive and collaborative environment. 

Now, Jon spends his days exploring data, developing visualizations, identifying their significance, and sharing his findings with colleagues. Whether playing music for his neighbors or working to better the lives of patients, Jon is always looking for ways to make a positive impact. 

As a Senior Informatics System Analyst, Monica explores high dimensional data sets to create data management blueprints that enable scientists to make discoveries.

Whether hiking her favorite trails or delivering roadmaps for technical solutions, Monica is always on the hunt for her next adventure. Her knack for identifying, designing, and architecting solutions based on high dimensional data sets enables her to create blueprints that scientists can use to make discoveries. Monica never gets bored – from studying new molecules to exploring technological innovation, she works with cutting-edge technology that is both intellectually stimulating and challenging.

By catalyzing computational sciences, the insights and resolutions that Monica and her colleagues are uncovering are unprecedented. Monica firmly believes that the more data we can pool, the more detailed a picture we can recreate of how biological systems interact with one another, informing optimal targets for drug development.

Seeing firsthand how she can make a difference in patients' lives inspires Monica to go to work every day and design new technical solutions to meet the latest challenges and opportunities in biotechnology.

As a Senior Informatics Analyst, Nehemiah applies AI and other computational approaches to advance disease insights and accelerate the discovery of new medicines.

Growing up in a school with classmates from 70 different nationalities taught Nehemiah that diverse minds are the key to solving complex problems. Seeing the health care disparities in East Africa fueled his drive to embark on a career in the world of biotech.
At Genentech, Nehemiah finds solace in the company’s mission of developing groundbreaking medicines for people with serious and life-threatening diseases, as well as in the supportive culture. Not only is Nehemiah surrounded by diverse perspectives, but he shares the values that support learning, growing, and thinking big. Nehemiah also believes mental clarity and physical fitness go hand in hand and incorporates this philosophy into his daily routine, enabling him to bring fresh thinking to his role in developing AI that assists scientists in making new medical discoveries. Nehemiah believes that the academic atmosphere within Genentech’s hallways offers him a new challenge every day to advance the fields of data science and medicine for patients around the world.

Converging data, technology and computational sciences to revolutionize drug discovery and development.