Training future leaders in the pharmaceutical industry


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The Development Sciences Rotation Program (DSRP) offers participants work on challenging technical and scientific projects alongside our Scientists. The program is structured as four 6-month rotations within a wide range of functions of the Development Sciences (DevSci) & Translational Medicine (TM) organization. These rotations are tailored to provide challenging and meaningful assignments, training in technical and leadership skills, and coaching with rotation managers and mentors.
Examples of Work
​​​​​​​Participants will be able to earn hands-on experiences in:
  • BioAnalytical Sciences (BAS)
  • Clinical Pharmacology (ClinPharm)
  • DevSci Informatics (DSI), Ophthalmology
  • Metabolism
  • Neuroscience, and Immunology/Infectious Disease Biomarker Development (OMNI-BD)
  • Oncology Biomarker Development (OBD)
  • Preclinical and Translational Pharmacokinetics (PTPK)
  • Safety Assessment (SA)


Listen to what our alumni and current candidates have to say about DSRP

“The rotations gave me a chance to try out different focuses and roles which helped shape my decision on what to focus on for my upcoming Ph.D.I was able to rotate in both the AI and Analytics team in the informatics department and the computational team in the more biology-focused biomarker department. Through these rotations, I found I was happiest working at the interface between biology and computer science which pushed me to pursue a Ph.D in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacogenomics after the completion of the program.” 

Jake Oxendine
DSRP Rotational Scientist II
“This program has positioned me for long-term success. The comprehensive knowledge, specialized expertise, and cross-functional collaboration skills I have gained are highly transferable and applicable in a variety of roles within the biotech industry. Additionally, the expanded network and mentorship opportunities have provided me with invaluable guidance, allowing me to make informed decisions and navigate my career trajectory with greater confidence.” 
Chidubem Onyeagoro

Rotational Scientist II

“I feel fortunate to be a part of the DSRP, which consists of a diverse group not only in ethnicity but also in interests and experiences. I am one of the only hijabi Muslim women in the Development Sciences and Translational Medicine, I am also first-generation and grew up low income, so I feel both proud and excited that I get to share my experiences because it can help provide a unique perspective on things. Patients come from diverse backgrounds,  and I believe that having a diverse workplace can improve patient outcomes.”

Hayat Elqossari
DSRP Rotational Scientist II