Artificial intelligence is changing the world at a startling pace, with the potential to be transformative across industries. In healthcare, we’re on the cusp of revolutionizing the drug discovery and development process to accelerate the delivery of medicines to people around the world.

Genentech is at the forefront of this revolution.

In Computational Sciences, we’re a community of bioinformaticians, computational scientists, software engineers, systems experts and business planners bringing generative AI to drug discovery and development. We believe we can rapidly advance our understanding of human biology and disease by combining our expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning with the extensive biological and molecular datasets and research expertise of our colleagues across Genentech Research & Early Development (gRED). This convergence of science and technology, of biology and computation, has the potential to unlock scientific innovation at a scale previously unattainable, driving efficiencies in the drug development process and ultimately allowing us to deliver novel therapies to patients faster.

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Together, we can be transformative.


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