Commercial Rotational Development Program
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The Commercial Rotation Development Program (CDRP) is a comprehensive 3-year program that aims to develop the skills and experiences of participants and prepare them for successful careers as marketers at Genentech. The program comprises one 14-18 month field sales assignment and two 9-month home office assignments, with the field sales assignment requiring full geographic flexibility and the possibility of being stationed anywhere in the United States.

Upon successful review of the application, the company will help determine the best-fit rotation for the participant. Overall, the Commercial Rotation Development Program offers a unique and valuable opportunity for aspiring marketers to accelerate their career development and growth within the industry.

Examples of Work

The program is designed to provide participants with rotational opportunities within Sales, Access Teams, Customer Experience, and other relevant departments. Through a combination of field and office rotations, participants can develop a well-rounded skillset and gain practical experience that will be invaluable to their future contributions and success at Genentech.


Listen to what our alumni and current candidates have to say about CRDP
“It was a great way to be introduced to the pharma industry - I was able to complete three rotations across different parts of the company in a relatively short period of time. CRDP allowed me to gain a solid foundation and understanding of Genentech's business. The perspective I got from being in sales has shaped how I have approached every job and role that I have had afterward. The understanding of what happens where the rubber meets the road in front of our customers has been great context and inspiration for my career in Marketing.”
Shola Fafunso
CRDP Alumni
​​​​​​​Senior Marketing Director