Analytics Rotation Program (ARP)
Transforming data analytics to product commercialization


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The Analytics Rotation Program (ARP) offers a unique opportunity for participants to develop proficiency in applying data analytics across a wide range of business topics, working on projects that involve substantial data analytic components. The program is structured as three rotations lasting 7-9 months each, totaling 24-27 months, and is designed to equip participants with both strong business acumen and technical skills, while also gaining analytical perspective in the core functions essential to the commercialization of Genentech products.
Examples of Work
Throughout the program, participants will have the guidance of a dedicated rotation mentor who will provide day-to-day support and direction in their assigned department. As part of the program, participants will engage in a variety of projects, such as conducting claims analysis to track competitive impact and identify opportunities for growth.


Listen to what our alumni and current candidates have to say about ARP

"The Analytics Rotation Program at Genentech was a valuable experience that allowed me to work with diverse teams and gain exposure to different aspects of business and analytics. Through my rotations, I had the opportunity to develop skills in launch metrics, ROI optimization, and patient journey analytics. I believe that the knowledge and skills I gained through the program will enable me to contribute to understanding market dynamics and making informed business decisions in the future."

Ankit Nandwani
ARP Alumni, SAI Therapeutic Area Manager
''I really appreciate all the opportunities I have had as an ARP. By rotating at different teams, I have enjoyed the privileges of connecting with many people at Genentech and being exposed to different work streams and disease areas. Thanks to the strong buddy and mentorship network, I was able to improve technical skills and develop business acumen much faster.'' 
Keren Li
Current ARP
"As a recent graduate in analytics, I found the ARP opportunity to be very beneficial because it assists me in making the connection between data analytics and the business decisions and objectives at Genentech.  The combination of leadership, coaching, and practical experience aids in the development of perspective at all levels.  For my upcoming rotations, I'm looking forward to expanding my experience and growing my competence."
Salonia Sharma

ARP Alumni